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Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town

All the big names were here for this event in the fabulous setting of Big Bay, Cape Town infront of Table Mountain. This was the first time in 7 years that the event had been held and the first time in Cape Town. The event was infused with new energy and an all new format focused on extreme big airs.

16 of the best kiteboarders in the world were  invited by the Red Bull King of the Air committee plus eight wildcards. The kiteboarders were selected from international and national kiteboarders who sent in their most extreme tricks.

Here’s some great footage taken by the GoPros situated on various places on the kite equipment:

Kite boarding in Cape Town from a GoPro perspective

… and just a little bit more because it has to be said… kitesurfing is a fantastic sport!

Congratulations to Jesse Richman – the 2013 Red Bull King of the Air winner.

They are very lucky they didn’t wait for June for the Red Bull King of the Air event, look at Cape Town today:

Cape Town 2

very unusual sight!

Photo courtesy of Sokolic Property Group

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