Red Bull gave these guys wings!

King of the air is back, but I’m too young to remember when these things were going on years ago, in Cape Town. But today 24 of the best kitesurfers in the world compete to see who can pull the biggest air, and throw some huge tricks in whilst floating high in the sky.

Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop


For those who don’t know kitesurfing, this is the prefect introduction. These guys are connected to huge kites by harnesses and throw themselves into the chaotic sea winds, so to be honest – what were you expecting with those components. Stunning scenery, amazing airs, crazy crashes and tricks that are trickier than anything the magic circle can come up with, kitesurfing has everything you can possibly imagine in an extreme sport.

The airs are so huge, you can watch someone fly up, then run into the office, fill in your tax return, watch a game of cricket, follow your girlfriend around town whilst she buys a new wardrobe and stroll back to the beach and they’ll still be flying higher than an eagle. The judges have stopwatches to time how long they’re flying for, because “1 mississippi, 2 mississippi” would leave you tongue tied before they reached the height of their lifts. Frankly it’s scary and inspiring to watch in equal measures.

For those interested in the results, the final 4 were Jesse Richman (from Hawaii), Youri Zoon (Holland), Sam Light (UK) and Nick Jacobsen (Denmark) who went all out in the final session, with Jesse taking the win.

 Kings of the air have wings!

Photo and feature photo courtesy of © Craig Kolesky/Red Bull Content Pool

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