re-sized whitewater rafting on the Zambezi

Raft Calamities on the Zambezi River

I’m in Zimbabwe at the moment, but we have no power during the day and limited power at night, so getting a daily article out is something of a trial – which is why these are short and sweet! However, having said that…. it is the BESTEST place to come on holiday. Sure, right, the politics may take a bit of swallowing, but doesn’t mean to say that the people aren’t the most hospitable in the world – and I’m talking about all races! Don’t believe all you read (outside this website I mean!!!) there are only a handful of ‘baddies’ in Zimbabwe – the majority are very very nice.

And so I close this short excerpt with a laugh:

White water calamities on the Zambezi River!!!

I’ll be updating extreme sports available here on facebook

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