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Quick update on Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen has had an eventful first week out on the Pacific Ocean including a capsize. She’s had strong winds, heavy rain and large waves to contend with, but despite that is making impressive progress. She hasn’t been all alone out there either. She’s had whales, sharks and a favourite of hers, the short-tailed albatross as company.

The modern world is wonderful at times. Sarah is able to keep in touch and send phonecasts. You can listen to her 18th phonecast here and you can follow her on Twitter.

  • As winds dropped I got back to the oars.Following seas! Beautiful.Also cooked and ate first hot meal since land.Triumph. 55 minutes ago
  • Hooray! I have pilot fish under the boat.Pacific cousins of my good pals the Tweedles! 57 minutes ago

And of course you can go directly to her website: London2London via the world. I’ve included two videos – they will give you something to think about…

Sarah talks about the physical wear and tear she expects…

… and the fears she anticipates

This trip is not only about her journey around the world on three modes of transport: Gulliver the ocean crossing rowing boat, Hercules her trusty mountain bike and Nelson they kayak. It is also in aid of raising at least £100,000 for four very worthwhile charities – CoppaFeel!, WaterAid, the MNDA and The Jubilee Sailing Trust.  So if you’d like to give a few pennies (or a bit more), please visit her Charity page for all the details, or go to her website, and have a rummage around. You’ll find it very interesting!

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