Planning to take part in an extreme event in the future?

It’s the weekend again – god they come around quickly – and you might be thinking of planning a break sometime in the future – something different and preferably a little challenging. Not just a trip to an exotic island where you can do little else but bake in the sunshine…

Well ATD (Across the Divide) have the perfect excursion… a 10 day trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. And of course it’s aim is to raise money for charity (charityatd).

What is particularly interesting about this hike is that it will be well away from mainstream tourist routes ie: the Inca Trail. The trek will go up a previously unknown valley where ATD have  helped to rediscover otherwise neglected ruins; they have already constructed toilets to promote better health, and helped village communities which do not otherwise benefit from the monies generated by tourism.

The route will takes you through hidden valleys, mountain passes, along long forgotten Inca trails, and through small villages where they still follow traditional methods of farming. The trek ends when you reach Machu Picchu by passing through the Sun Gate to view the stunning sacred city.

Just because it has been termed a trek does not mean that it will not be an extreme challenge – it will be both mentally and physically challenging. And you will probably never want to see another stone step again! Although the whole trip will take 10 days: 5th – 15th May 2011, the trek itself is just 6 days. 6 interminably long, fascinating, exhausting, challenging days with the reward of one of the new 7 wonders of the world at the end of it. After all that effort it might be shrouded in cloud or partially obscured by rain, but you can be assured that it will still be magnificent, awe-inspiring and spiritually satisfying.

A few facts and photographs might inspire you to add your name to ATD’s next trek…

Trek to Machu Picchu itinerary

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