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One-upmanship on Jaws

It is incredible to think that the kite can stay in the air through all that pounding surf!

Niccolo Porcella kitesurfing Jaws

Although Niccolo Porcella is a professional surfer, he is also a skilled kitesurfer and is sponsored by Wainman Hawaii and The Perfect Moment. When he caught the swell at Jaws on 4th January 2012 he admitted that this particular escapade was one of his scariest moments ever. He was just recovering from two surgeries and this was his first real time back in the water. He was in a swell and because of where he was in the ocean, he had to out-run the swell and was in very deep water. He said that if he were a foot back, then he would have been in a life-threatening situation.

Niccolo shines in both the wave and freestyle disciplines and loves both “depending of course on the conditions”, but if asked to choose between the two, his preference would be waves.

The following short interview with Niccolo done in 2010 pretty well puts in a nutshell what we all think about kitesurfing: its versatility, and it’s fun!

Interview Niccolo Porcella

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