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Let’s hear it for the girls at the SWATCH Girls Pro in France

It’s the season… surf competitions EVERYWHERE.

The SWATCH Girls Pro is scheduled to be run over the French Bank Holiday from 1st – 5th June. Kicking off from the beaches of Hossegor and Seignosse, this location proved a great success with its first edition last year. And it’s official: after closely assessing the sandbank conditions between Hossegor and Seignosse over the last couple of weeks, the beach of Les Bourdaines in Seignosse has been selected as the location for the second edition of the SWATCH GIRLS PRO France, the ASP 6-star Women’s World Tour event running from 1st to 5th June.

This year the girls-only competition, with not only the surf competition to keep you entertained, but with plenty of evening activities too, will be an event not to be missed.

Hossegor and Seignosse boast some of the most beautiful beaches in France, perhaps Europe, maybe even further afield?  But actually, that’s immaterial. What Hossegor and Seignosse ARE famous for are the magnificent beach breaks. It is one of the biggest surfing hot-spots in the world as recognised by Quiksilver who regularly use La Graviere and La Nord, 2 of its more famous surf breaks, for their Pro France competitions.

La Graviere is a good place for short fast hectic barrels, but when the swell is big the outer bar begins working and it is common to see tow-in surfers strapping in. La Nord, probably the most famous wave in the area, is heavy even when small. It is also a tow-in spot on bigger swells.

Other worthwhile breaks in this area are Plage Sud, Culs Nuls (literally translated as ‘Bare Bums’ as it’s off the nudist beach!), Les Estagnots, Les Bourdaines and Le Penon. All are worth surfing.

The SWATCH Girls Pro France, the only 6-star event in the country, promises to be a thrilling tournament between the world’s best female surfers. Close to 72 surfers come from the four corners of the globe, world-class athletes all of them, will turn out for the event and valuable points for the World Tour race can be gained here.

SWATCH Girls Pro in France

SWATCH Girls pro at Les Bourdaines in Seignosse, France

23-year-old Australian and four-time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore has got her work cut out for her, especially after fellow Australian title challengers 20-year-old Sally Fitzgibbons and 17-year-old Tyler Wright both claimed second and third finishes respectively at the recent WCT event in Rio. Other contenders to watch closely throughout the contest will be the 20-year-old Hawaiian Swatch team rider Coco Ho, looking to uphold her family’s surfing legacy, as well as the local 20-year-old favourite Pauline Ado. These are just some of  the names among all the surfers present at the event putting their style, technique and flow on show as they vie for the title.

It’s going to be a thoroughly watchable tournament so if you’re interested Biarritz airport is only 25 minutes away…

Here’s some of the action for the final day last year:


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