Jesse Richman flies high

Although he is being towed, Jesse Richman reaches an extraodinary height on his kiteboard:

 World Record Kiteboard Flying from 790ft

This is in Columbia River Gorge, Oregan and you might not think that it constitutes as a record except that he gets released at 790 ft up and manoeuvres back down to earth just on wind power and lands safely in the flat water of the river, adrenaline pumping: “To get up that high and then kite down, land right away, it’s just…” words failed him.

790 ft?  That’s humongous! 240 m … or roughly the same as an 80-storey building!! And when you consider that the average height a kite surfer normally jumps is about 20-40 feet then that will give you a very good idea of the share enormity of this jump.

Having seen a stunt like this it will come as no surprise that Jesse Richman is Red Bull’s King of the Air 2013 and 2008-2009’s Overall World Champion in Kitesurfing. He can now add current kitesurfing hang time world record holder with this latest stunt.

“The moment of truth was not lifting off but letting go,” says Richman. “Trusting in yourself can be funny at times, especially when you’re 790 feet in the air. But there is nothing we can’t do. The view up there was pretty freaking epic — I can’t wait for the next time I’m up there.”

This height is correct to the last enth of an inch. They used a GPS with a compilation of state of the art inertial sensors. The XensrCase is able to precisely measure exactly how high you jump, as well as track the rest of your session in full 3D with an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

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