Is this the world’s biggest wave ever surfed?

Could this be the biggest wave in the world ever to be surfed?

It was Garrett McNamara’s good luck to be in Portugal when he surfed the last ‘biggest wave ever surfed’ – but it looks like he’s done it again, and again it’s in the same spot, Nazaré, Portugal. Check it out…

Billabong’s XXL Global Wave Award

Garrett McNamara

“I was going so fast, I could barely stay on the board,” McNamara told ABC News. “What was going through my head is ‘This is ridiculous,’” he said.  “I just work on staying present in the moment, and then there’s no fear.”

To 45 yr-old McNamara, Nazaré is the “8th wonder of the world”. It has given him his two biggest waves and some of the most exhilarating moments in his life.

McNamara’s record breaking wave

And just for the fun of it I’m also putting on a few practice sessions on the same wave one week earlier. It’s a fairly impressive swell!

A good day’s surfing at Nazaré, Portugal

Feature photo courtesy of Francisco Seco/AP Photo


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