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Is this the most beautiful place in the world to go kite surfing

Boracay – a dot in the ocean, a place, a name – island of white sand and now voted as one of the best places in the world to go kite surfing.

Boracay, located some 300 kilometres from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a dog bone shaped island famous for its beautiful white beaches. It is only 7 kilometers long and at its narrowest point is no more than a kilometre wide – in total the land are is no more than 10.3 square kilometres.

Its beaches have often won the highest claim when it comes to being the most beautiful in the world but now Boracay is making a big shout about being a global centre for kite surfing.

The island offers kiteboarding/kitesurfing lessons that are sure to help first-timers get started to be able to ride with the wind.  Experienced kiteboarders are bound to get a thrill as well when they sign up for the resort’s kite safaris and island-hopping-by-kite activity.

There are two main beaches on Boracay – and if it is kite surfing that you are after you should head for the eastern side of the island – Bulabog Beach – which during the Amihan season (approximately September through to May) receives good easterly winds which are ideal for kitesurfing in the reef protected waters.

Check it out below in this video …

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