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Finally an update on Free Diving

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last wrote on Free Diving – a favourite topic of mine. 28th December 2010 to be exact was the last time I eulogised about William Trubridge’s record breaking 100m dive… since then he’s not been sitting on his hands, but has been busy out there garnering Golds. He won 2 gold medals earlier this month and successfully defended his CNF (constant weight without fins) and FIM (free immersion apnea) titles.

Freediver William Trubridge at Kalamata, Greece

William Trubridge

photo courtesy of: Fred Buyle/Hungry Eye Images

However, Trubridge was not the only shining light at the 2011 Freediving Depth World Championships held at the Kalamata Free Diving Club in Greece late September/early October. There were two new world records, two continental records, and over 45 national records in the three Aida disciplines.

Following this competition, the current top male 5 freedivers  2011 are William Trubridge (NZL), Malina Mateusz (POL), Antoni Koderman (SVN), Guillaume Nery (FRA) and Alexey Molchanov (RUS).

The Top 5 Women are Natalia Molchanova (RUS), Alena Zabloudilova (CZE), Anna Von Boetticher (GER), Wendy Timmermans (NLD) and Aurore ASSO (FRA).

Natalia Molchanova added another metre to her previous CWT (constant weight apnea) record of 100 meters and achieved 88m in the FIM discipline.

Next year the Team World Championships will be held at the first ever competition site in the south of France. The town of Villefrance-sur-Mer, near Nice first hosted this championship in 1996 and it was also where Claude Chapuis and Roland Specker first ever discussed the creation of Aida way back in 1992. And my goodness the sport has evolved since then. In the 1950’s it was the general assumption that humans couldn’t dive to depths greater than 50m. The medical experts said that the hydrostatic pressure at that depth would crush ones lungs. That theory was blown out of the water by Enzo Maiorca when, in 1962, he dove to a depth of 51m. The world medical experts were stunned.

Today’s divers are doubling that – and the world medical experts remain stunned!

The dates for the 20th anniversary of AIDA and the competition will be the 23-30 September, 2012.

The bare bones of the 2011 Championships have been discussed here. We are hoping to be able to post an article from someone who was there – shortly… watch this space.

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