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Fancy taking part in a re-staging of the Battle of Trafalgar – kite style?

You can rely on Red Bull to come up with something different. Always. This time they plan to re-stage the famous Battle of Trafalgar, at the scene of the original event, but the 3 navies involved, Britain, Spain and France, will be represented by kitesurfers.

Red Bull will give the best kiters of France, Spain and United Kingdom the opportunity to defend their country’s honour in a real naval battle, and if you want to take part you must submit your name urgently. The captains of each team will select their ‘navy’.

200+ years ago, at  Cape Trafalgar off the South Western coast of Spain and south of Cadiz, 32 British ships commanded by Lord Nelson challenged the combined might of the Fleets of Spain and France – 38 ships. It was a bloody battle with boats being manoeuvred to deliver broadsides in the most destructive manner, the greatest effect being achieved by firing into an enemy’s stern, so that the shot travelled the length of the ship wreaking havoc and destruction.

The Battle of Trafalgar - J.M. Turner

The Battle of Trafalgar - J.M. Turne

Ships did not only rely on their heavy artillery. They also carried a variety of smaller weapons on the top deck and in the rigging, from swivel guns firing grape shot or canister (bags of musket balls) to hand held muskets and pistols. With these weapons each crew sought to annihilate the enemy officers and sailors on deck.

The whole point of the battle was to stop Napoleon’s intended invasion of England.

The loss sustained by all 3 navies was unprecedented. British casualties were 1,587. The French and Spanish casualties were never revealed but are thought to have been around 16,000.

The consequences of the battle were far reaching. Napoleon had to give up all plans to invade England, and Britain ruled the seas for the next 120 years.

But now the battle is about to be re-fought. Kite surfers who want to participate must go directly to the Red Bull site (follow link), choose which Navy you want to join, and sign up.

You will have the opportunity to join the best kiters of France, Spain and United Kingdom out on the high seas defending their country’s honour in a real naval battle!

The event will be held between the 7th to 12th of October. Gisela Pulido will be the captain of the Spanish Army, Mallory de Villemarque will be the French captain and there’s no decision on the English Captain yet. Each one of the captains will be allowed to choose 5 professional kiters to compete for their team.

The first day competition will be a freestyle one, by invitaton only. Each captain will plan his team’s strategy by choosing a member of his own army to compete in a battle of three against the others of the other two countries. The Captain will plan the best strategy to win.

The second day will have a race format and a maximum of 100 people per team will be allowed to race, but only the 10 best kiters of each team will score points. Kiters from around the world will take part in the event in the navy of their choice.  All of them will be lead by the captain of each country and will have to cross Trafalgar’s Cape in the least possible time, collect a doubloon and go back to the starting point.

Does England have another Horatio Nelson? Will it once more be victorious? You, with Red Bull, can take a part in not only re-enacting history, but possibly even re-writing it!

Don’t miss this event. It’s going to be sensational fun.

Here’s the link again to the RED BULL ‘BATTALLA DE TRAFALGAR

I would hurry if I were you, I don’t expect there is much time left to grab a much coveted place.


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