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Fabulous Naish video of kitesurfing in Corsica

You can expect a little bit of everything in Corsica as Jesse Richman and Florian Daubos found out…

Naish kiteboarding: Corsica kidnapping

Corsica is home to some great kitesurfing spots. Try out Porto Pollo, one hour from Ajaccio, with its narrow but long beach and good steady winds. The dominant wind is Ponente, but you can also expect a south-west and north-west wind. The Ponente can easily reach 25 knots and blow for more consecutive days. There is also a thermal component to take into consideration which can be quite gusty.

Alternatively try Bonifacio – as seen in the above video.

Or you can try Maccinaggio with its perfect sideshore east, south-east wind. There’s Barcaggio with its west-north-west or north-east winds or the magnificent Saleccia with its north-west or nort-east winds and when the Mistral blows – waves! Still looking for waves? How’s about Diunkidou – a spot highly prized by windsurfers … kitesurfers usually prefer to put in 500m further along the beach. Perhaps you would prefer Portiglioli? Winds from the west which can create big waves. However, if they’re too big you can turn your back on the sea and kite on the river instead.

There are so many perfect kite sports in Corsica that they’re too numerous to mention. An investigative trip might well be worth it!

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