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Extreme life falls short of the mark for Ian Usher…

Thanks to Barbara McMahon of the Guardian for bringing this amusing story of a British man living in Perth, Australia, who put his entire life up for auction on eBay following the break-up of his marriage. He has found that it was not worth as much as he had hoped.

Ian Usher, a 44-year-old salesman, held a seven-day online auction of his home, friends and job. Hoax bids pushed the price beyond A$2m but yesterday an Australian bidder agreed to pay A$399,300 (£192,276), A$100,000 below his target.

Usher, originally from Darlington, Co Durham, insisted yesterday he was “not disappointed” by the outcome.

In the opening hours of the sale 70 bids were registered and the price of his life in Oz stood at A$1.7m (£820,000). “I feel pretty good, shell-shocked really,” he said at the time. “It’s going much better than I’d anticipated.”

Heartbroken after his marriage breakdown two years ago, Usher decided to get rid of everything he owned so that he could start a new life.

The single lot included Usher’s former marital home outside Perth, car and motorbike as well as all the toys necessary to enjoy the Australian lifestyle: a jetski, kite-surfing equipment, a mountain bike and the obligatory barbecue. It also contained a two-week trial run at Usher’s job as a rug shop assistant and an introduction to his friends, offering the successful bidder a ready-made life.

Usher now plans to go travelling with just his wallet, his passport and the clothes on his back: “I’m ready to move on.”

What can we say – going from one extreme to another?!!

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