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Dates for the KSP World Tour have been set

Sanctioned by the IKA the KSP (KiteSurfPro) will be giving away the World Championship title at the end of its 2011 competitions.

The KSP was founded by a group of surf-dedicated kiters with a vision to create a world championship tour, which, through world-wide media distribution, showcases the best kitesurfers on the planet riding at the pinnacle of their performance in the world’s premier kitesurf locations. Through the World Championship Tour the KSP hopes to provide a  platform to enable professional kite surfers to set the progressive performance standard for competitive kite surfing for years to come.

The Kite Surf Pro (KSP) Professional Wave Tour released its highly anticipated 2011 World Championship Tour schedule on 1st May in Hawaii. This competition will pit the world’s best kite surfers against three of the most legendary waves around the globe. The destinations are:

  • Mauritius
  • Peru
  • Cape Verde

The first event in Mauritius will take place between the 23rd September and the 2nd October, 2011. The competition is to be held on the reef at Le Morne, where the southwest tip of the island is regularly battered by south swells which produce lengthy peeling walls with consistently strong side/side-offshore winds. KSP founding member and vice president Sky Solbach says: “Mauritius is an incredibly beautiful place and home to one of the world’s best kite surfing waves, so having a world championship event here really is a dream come true!”

Feast your eyes on this video to get an idea of what kitesurfing in the beautiful tropical island of Mauritius is like:

Next up are the south swells at Pacasmayo on the coast of Peru. This competition will be held between 19th – 28th October. Pacasmayo is known for “its perfect left-hand point break that arguably dishes up some of the longest and most perfect kiteable waves on the planet”. It is, quite possibly, kitesurfing’s best wind and wave combination. It’s paradise – perfect 1 – 3m lefts lining up for over 1 km, cross offshore wind blowing in a steady line with waves which vary from big friendly A-frames to hollow monsters of barrels. Very reliable wind can be expected almost daily from mid-April into December What more could a kite competition possibly want?

And last but not least, the final and decision clinching competition will be held from the 2nd – 12th December in the Cape Verde Islands. Cape Verde is off the coast of Africa, about an hour south of the Canaries and a 6-hour flight from Europe. The tiny island of Sal (Ilho do Sal) in the Cape Verde archipelago is rated as one of the World’s top class kitesurfing destinations, with its fantastic waves and consistent cross-offshore winds. The trade winds blow all year from the north-east. From Winter toSpring (November – June) the wind blows at an average of 18/24 knots. In the summertime it’s between 13/15 knots. The air temperature is an average of 28C° & the water about 23C°. This is kitesurfing without a wetsuit…

KSP founding member and 2008 Kitesurf World Champion Mitu Monteiro states: “I am looking forward to the event in Cabo Verde and to welcome the KSP riders to my home spot. This is the best season for wind and surf, so the chance to get some insane conditions is very high.”

The powerful and hollow right-hand, rocky point breaks off Sal will be the perfect venue for the KSP final World Championships in December.

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