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Crashed Ice’s penultimate race in Sweden

I cannot believe that Red Bull’s Crashed Ice event scheduled to be held in Are, Sweden has already been and gone… what is happening to time? Or is that the frightening symptom of ageing?! But at this rate it’s going to be Christmas before I’ve had a chance to get used to the coming of Spring!

Anyway, its true, the penultimate Red Bull Crashed Ice event was last weekend and a relative unknown bolted out of the stalls. Adam Horst pulled off the biggest upset victory in the history of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship with his first win on Saturday after the favourite Arttu Pihlainen, the flying Finn, tumbled on a treacherous climb late in the spill-filled race and was overtaken by hard-charging outsider Adam Horst in a dramatic finish in front of 10,000 spectators. Kyle and Scott Croxall of Canada also crashed on the most difficult Red Bull Crashed Ice track ever built.

Adam Horst races to victory at Red Bull’s Crashed Ice in Are, Sweden

So who is the man who has caused one of the biggest upsets in the history of ice cross downhill?

He is a 26-year old fire fighter from Fort St. John, Canada who had never finished higher than fifth before and was only 20th in qualifyin. However, he bagged 1000 points for his first win in the Crashed Ice series in Sweden on Sunday. With just one more race in Canada to go, the title hopes of Arttu Pihlainen were boosted and Canada’s Kyle Croxall were dented when Croxall, the leader of the four round Crashed Ice series, was eliminated in the quarter-finals for 200 points while the Finn scored 800 for his second place.

Kyle Croxall still leads with 2,200 points but Pihlainen is gaining with 1,960 in second place overall. Third is the leader’s brother Scott Croxall with 1,700 points and njow Adam Horst lies in fourth with 1,690.

The utterly delighted Horst said, “It’s something that you want from the very first time you enter a race, to win… I really don’t know what to say! My first race was in Quebec in 2008… it’s something that I have hoped for for many years!” 

The final stop in the 2012 Ice Cross Downhill World Championship is Quebec City, Canada, on March 15-17…



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