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Congratulations to Steven LoBou at Wales’ Cliff Diving competition

Well, whoever expounds that things can go wrong if done in haste will have to eat their words. Nothing could have been more inauspicious than Steven Lobue ‘s start to this penultimate event. He missed his flight. Panic must have begun to set in at this stage. He went straight to the dive platform from the airport … and came out tops.

Adrenaline and competitive determination came out trumps conquering any butterflies that must have lingered from his frantic rush across the pond…

Orlando Duque took second place and Gary Hunt, in front of his home crowd, third.

The penultimate Red Bull Cliff Diving 2012 event in Wales

It was Steven Lobue’s first win ever at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. In fact it was a series of firsts: it was the first stop on British soil, the event showed the highest standard of diving that the competition has seen so far and it brought a new winner to the podium. Wales did themselves proud and even the weather complied. 3,300 spectators lined the cliffs and paddled the waters to witness the event.

The Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire, Wales

However, it is still Orland Duque in the lead because of the consistency of his performances.

During the sixth stop the World Series’ points-scratch system came into play. According to this new rule, the divers can cancel their worst two dives out of the seven individual competition results. With one more competition to come, not only the top 5, who automatically qualify for the 2013 competition, but also the battle for the title of World Series Champion, is still fiercely fought. The winner will be decided on the Arabian Peninsula in 3 weeks’ time when the Sultanate of Oman hosts the Grand Finale on 28th September….

Photos, videos etc courtesy of Red Bull Newsroom

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