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Cliff diving in WALES this weekend, but to keep our appetite whetted here’s something else

Gary Hunt and Blake Aldridge are ready for Wales, but took a little time out to try something completely new:

An 18-metre-high synchronised dive at the Maunsell Forts in the Thames Estuary

This weekend Red Bull’s Cliff Diving Competition 2012 will be in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It’s home turf for Gary Hunt and Blake Aldridge. Not Wales exactly… but England. “This is the event that I’ve been waiting for all this year. It’s the first time we’re diving in the UK and it’s a great opportunity for my friends and family to come and support. I think we’ll have a really good atmosphere. It’ll be great to get a good result here. I come to every competition to win, but maybe with the support it can give you that bit extra,” said Gary.

And what a year for Red Bull to take the competition to England. First it was the Jubilee, then the Olympics, then the Paralympics, and now this.

Red Bull Cliff Diving 2012 in Wales

“It’s a massive confidence boost to have my friends and family here. They see what you do on the videos on but it’s totally different watching it in real life. You can‘t grasp the full height on a video. It’s great that they’re coming down to support you in what you do as a professional sportsman,” commented Blake. And we have all seen what a bit of partisan support can do, haven’t we!

It all happens this weekend…

Here is something new from Red Bull to further spike your interest. A flipbook which shows the athlete performing a 27m dive in slow motion. It’s really quite incredible. Just follow the instructions…

A 27m dive in slow motion

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