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Cliff Diving and England’s Gary Hunt

In haste as I’m off to the airport. Not because I’m about to fly off to somewhere wonderful … sadly, but just as wonderful I am going to collect my husband who is returning from the barren isolation of central Canada…. well, barren is not strictly correct, but barren of human beings certainly is!

I digress… we were about to expand on the brilliance of Gary Hunt…

Infront of more than 47,000 spectators and over two hundred boats, he wowed the crowd and the judges. He won there last year, and he won again this year.

“I’m really happy to end up on the podium,” said Gary“I put myself in a good position yesterday, but then today I just felt like I was missing a little bit on each dive. I think I threw up a little bit too much splashing on each of the three; so it’s a little bit of a worrying situation. I didn’t know if my dives were good enough and it was really tough watching those last three divers, knowing that a really good dive could take me off the podium. It worked out in my favour and Boston is a great place with such a big crowd. I tried to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy it as much as possible.” 

There was a bit of luck involved too as other divers were struggling with their dives. First, Michal Navratil, missed out on his third and new dive and then David Colturi, who had entered the competition as the leader,  scored low on the final round, although he still finished in the top three. Orlando Duque also had a good day. He made up eleven positions to finish in second place! UK diver Blake Aldridge delighted the Boston crowds gathered around the ICA building with a brand new move – back armstand 2 ½ somersaults with 4 twists free – which he had only learned the day before and is now the second dive with a DD of 6.3 in the sport.

The Top 5 remains the same:

  1. Gary Hunt | UK | 459 pts
  2. Orlando Duque | COL | 430.20 pts
  3. David Colturi | USA | 420.30 pts
  4. Artem Silchenko | RUS | 415.25 pts
  5. Steven LoBue | USA | 400.10 pts

… but the gap between them is getting smaller.

… and nor can we. The date for that event is the 7th – 8th September.

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