Extreme Skimboarding

Can skim boarding be an extreme sport?

Who would have thought that you could all this on a tiny skim board? This is an amazing video:

Brandon Sears displays unbelievable style on a skim board

Brandon Sears first competed at the Victoria Skimboards World Competition at just 10 years old. Now 25, he was delighted when he won the professional division final at the 33rd annual event held over the weekend at Aliso Beach.“I can’t believe it, I’ve been skimming for so long,” he said, “it’s taken me 15 years. I’m just super-happy.” Sears is a native of Laguna Beach and by winning this event, in less than desirable conditions, he deprived skim legend Bill “Beaker” Bryan, also of South Laguna, from achieving his 15th straight win at The Vic.


Skimboarding originated in Southern California when lifeguards wanted an easy way to get across the beaches of Laguna. It is a sport which uses a smaller board resembling a surfboard, but with  no fins. It is used to glide across the water’s surface. Unlike surfing, skimboarding begins on the beach by dropping the board onto the thin wash of previous waves. Skimboarders use their momentum to skim out to breaking waves and can use their small board to catch shore break waves just as a regular surfer catches waves with a surfboard. Skimbaords are much less stable than a surfboard and require a lot of practice to be able to control.

Riders generally favor a board length which reaches about their mid-chest height when stood on end. A skimboarder stands on the beach waiting for a wave to break. When this happens they run towards it with their skimboard in hand. Upon reaching the wet sand they drop the board and jump onto it as quickly as possible. Once on the board, the skimmer must remain as stable as possible while he glides out to sea towards an oncoming wave. he banks off the wave and rides it back to shore.

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