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Andy Hurdman – in a class of his own

Regular visitors will know that we at xtremesport4u are always searching for material for our readers that will inspire and teach them about their chosen extreme sport.

You may also know that kite surfing or kite boarding was one of the first sports that we talked about on our blog and it is to that extreme sport that we return to again today with the hope of both inspiring and teaching you.

The inspiration comes in the form of the video below from tomasleeman of Andy Hurdman who must be one of the best proponents of his art – he can go anywhere and performs an amazing display of aerobatics – totally inspirational.

The teaching element comes in the form of the link below to Andy’s website from which you will see there are 3 levels of personal instruction that you can receive from Andy Hurdman –

Level 1 is a 3 hour lesson and will set you back $300. The following topics are covered:


• By the end of the lesson you will know how to:
• Read the wind and know which size kite to fly
• Read weather conditions
• Understand safety features of your gear
• Set-up bar and Kite
• Launch and land kites
• Use the wind window
• Master Kite control
• Power strokes
• Body drag in the water (only if level of students and conditions permit)
The follow up lesson is either one or two hours and will cost either $100 or $175 and the topics below are covered:

• Body dragging
• Perfecting Kite Control
• Perfecting Launching and Landing
• Introduction to riding with the board
• Tips on riding and staying up-wind
Finally there is what Andy calls his advanced private lesson costing $75 for an hour……..if you want to be the best it would be worth learning from the best.

• Mastering riding over powered
• Jump transitions
• Big Airs
• Back-rolls
• Front-rolls
• Raleys
• Surface handle-pass
• And more!

So there you have it – oh and Andy Hurdman can generally be found on Delray Beach in Palm County, Florida and his website link is

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