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An update on the VERTICAL BLUE competition

“It always astounds me that in freediving the people, your fellow competitors (when in comp) care about everyone else so much, they just want everyone to do their best, feel safe and realize each and everyones own potential, it makes for a very very different sporting environment.” Kerian Hibbs.

The Vertical Blue 2009 competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is well underway. Many personal bests have been reached and four national records were broken yesterday from Frank Pernett, Megumi Matsumoto, Tomoko Yamanouchi (her first) and Walter Steyn.

Dean's Blue Hole

A quick reminder of the records that the competitors are trying to beat:

Male constant weight – 113m – Guillaume Nery
Male no fins – 86m – William Trubridge
Male free immersion – 108m – William Trubridge
Female constant weight – 95m – Natalia Molchanova
Female no fins – 60m – Natalia Molchanova
Female free immersion – 85m – Natalia Molchanova

And the current situation at the Blue Hole:

Results from Day 6 of Vertical Blue 2009

Kathryn McPhee had a personal best in no fins of 52m

Walter Steyn with a pb and Aussie national record of 95m in 2 mins 49 seconds.

William Trubridge showed some great form with a 107m CWT dive.

Sara Campbell had the most amazing dive. She became the first woman to dive to 100m in competition. However, sadly she blacked out very briefly when surfacing and even though she came round laughing and proudly brandishing the 100m tag, she did not complete surface protocol and so will have to have another shot at it.

Davide Carrera

Davide Carrera

Davide Carrera (above) made his 4th national record of the competition, with 98m in constant weight. He is running out of whole numbers in the 90’s now, and his Italian supporters are begging him to announce something with 3 digits.

The star of day 5 was Herbert Nitsch (below being filmed by Dan Burton with a 3D camera), who claimed his second world record, this time in Free Immersion with 109m, breaking the 108m record set by William Trubridge at Vertical Blue 2008.

Herbert Nitsch

With thanks to William Trubridge for allowing me to use their wonderful photographs.

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