An amazing kayaking video, Cascada

I have just been on walkabout… to Ethiopia which was very very interesting, but this next video is not in Ethiopia, it’s in Mexico and brings kayaking back to our site. The photography is fabulous, the kayaking amazing…

A kayaking video to inspire you

This sojourn in the jungle was accompanied by nightmare scenarios and contrasting moments of absolute delight and beauty, unique moments that only a jungle can throw at you. Photographers Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong, accompanying some of the world’s top kayakers: Erik Boomer, Tyler Brandy, Galen Volckhausen, and Blake Hendrix, adventured into the relative unknown in search of spectacular waterfalls and also for, perhaps, a nice little vacation…  but the jungle thought otherwise.

They were bitten by hundreds of thousands of bugs, six of the seven of the ‘gang’ got violently ill. It rained every minute they were there, and as Fogel said, “We didn’t have a big crew, it was just Skip and I, and we were both shooting, so it wasn’t like there was someone whose job was to hold an umbrella. Everything was soaking wet, all the time. The cameras broke a lot, and we had to fix them every night. And we had so many bug bites that we were all having severe whole-body allergic reactions, with pus coming out everywhere.”

However, out of it came this spectacular video. Thanks guys, it was worth it!

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. He rounds off this statement with: “It was one of the best weeks of shooting I’ve ever had. It was amazing, and the synergy between the athletes and the shooters was just perfect.”

It certainly was…

Feature photo courtesy of Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong

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