An adrenaline packed swim with the Devil

I’ve done this one before but I couldn’t resist another look at it – swimming at Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, on the very lip of the Falls.

Swimming at Devil’s Pool, Vic Falls

It’s reasonably safe but if you fool around, it might be for the last time. The guides know exactly where the safe bit is, but make sure you go with an experienced guide – there have been and will continue to be fatalities with the inexperienced ones…

But even in the ‘safe’ section you have to be careful. The current can play tricks with you and when you think you have your feet firmly planted on the rock ledge at the edge of the Falls you can suddenly find that they’ve been washed out from under you and are floating perilously upwards.

To reach the Devil’s Pool, you have to take a small boat to Livingstone island: a tiny island near the edge of Victoria Falls. You then swam across the top of the falls for about 20 minutes, stopping every few metres to swim directly up stream because the current drags you closer to the edge as you make your way perpendicularly to the Pool.

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

It is an ‘inconceivably stunning’ experience.

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