re-sized Iceland under the midnight sun

A skiing holiday with a difference

If you want to ski but are looking for something completely different … You want to ski, but you don’t want the crowds … You want to ski, but want something out of the usual – not The Alps, not the Rockies. South America? Hmmm? Maybe… but no… something D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T …

Well then, how about Iceland?

Iceland, I hear you murmer in shock. What on earth is in Iceland?

Not much it is true. But…there is a small private resort over there, run from a family farm. There are few ski lifts in Iceland, but there are helicopters. And if you want to explore deep into the unexplored Arctic wilderness and tackle some of the many countless first descents, have the opportunity to name runs and put your own mark on the map of Arctic skiing – then Iceland may well be the place for you.

In northern Iceland there is a place called Troll’s Peninsula and this is where Jokull Bergmann has set up his unique resort. Jokull spent time in Canada and learned all about the joys and benefits, thrills and spills that heli-skiing can offer. From the family farm (a not-inconsequential journey to reach by a combination of turboprop plane and 4×4) he organises bespoke holidays offering skiing well into June, as well as superb food and other equally exhilarating things to do when the weather doesn’t suit skiing –  whale watching for one or visiting some of the famed volcanic geysers.

But it’s skiing under the midnight sun which is the most glorious of all. Even skiing with flame torches or on flood-lit slopes offers a certain ‘je ne said quoi’. But skiing under the midnight sun? Truly fabulous…

And the views… ah, the views. They are astounding. And so pristine. It will be a holiday like no other…

Elemental Adventure organises 4 day packages. I think this can be rated as the ultimate extreme holiday.

feature photo courtesy of Elemental Adventure

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