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A revival of the surf film – a film called ‘Splinters’

A ticket out of Papua New Guinea? To some it is not a collection of paradise islands, but a place they want to leave… spread their wings, have a chance at another life… and the arrival of surfing as the rest of the world knows it, offered some the chance to do just that. A meal ticket to perhaps a better life…

‘Splinters’ – a new surf movie

If parts of it seem unnecessarily violent – remember, this is a different culture. We might not like it, but they understand it. Adam Pesce’s film, ‘Splinters’ has a strong ethical impact. This is a real-life examination of competitive surfing in PNG, the tensions that arise because of the tournament and the deep down morality of the people of the islands.

Praised by ESPN for “reviving the surf film genre”, ‘Splinters’ combines great on-wave action with high drama. Restricted by gender, culture and limited jobs, a unique group of athletes contest for a national championship as a ticket off the paradise of Papua New Guinea. A standout on the festival circuit since its Tribeca premiere, Filmmaker Magazine has called ‘Splinters’ “engrossing and endlessly surprising”. With its recent release on iTunes and its upcoming release on VOD and other digital outlets, it will soon be available to all.

I’ll have more on it later…

feature photo courtesy of Jason Pini/SnagFilms


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  1. Garrett
    2012 | 21 May at 10:36 #

    A great film!

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