re-sized snowkiting promise of the Kola Peninsula

A new snowkite park opens in Russia.

On 12th and 13th February a new snowkite park in Russia’s best snowkite spot – a lake near Murmansk. The new park is called “Mogoochi”.

Snowkite Jib Park “MOGOOCHI” by Nikolay Rakhmatov. OPENING 13 Feb 2011 from kiteclass on Vimeo.

During March and April 2011, Snowkite freestyle and jibbing champion and experienced instructor, Nicholas Rakhmatov, intends to put to good use the vast snowy tundra of the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk Oblast: 85 km from Murmansk and 35 kms from the village Teriberka. Much like the terrain to the west in Norway, the arctic snowfields of the Kola Peninsula East of Murmansk are a snowkite paradise.

Nikolay Rakhmatov snowkiting profile from Alexey Smolin on Vimeo.

Murmansk is in the north of Europe and is bordered by Finland and Norway on the one side and the White and Barents Seas on the other. Most of the Oblast is above the Arctic Circle. The climate is made a lot more bearable by the warm Gulf Stream which enables navigation throughout the year. In winter, polar nights are typical and in summer – polar days. Murmansk is increasingly turning towards eco-tourism with salmon fishing being one of its main attractions.

snowkiting on the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Snowkiting on the Kola Peninsula

There is also skiing here – the mountains, though wild, are not very high – about 1,200m. However, their presence close to the Arctic circle means there is no shortage of snow and the longest run is 3kms.

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