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A brief delay to Sarah Outen’s voyage

British adventurer Sarah Outen is about to embark on the second half of her epic 20,000 mile round-the-world voyage. Taking 2 and a half years to complete, Sarah is half way round. Remaining is the route from Japan to Tower Bridge, London, UK using 3 modes of transport: an ocean going rowing boat called Gulliver:

Ocean rowing boat: Gulliver

Sarah Outen's ocean going rowing boat called Gulliver

a bicycle called Hercules:

Trusty steed: Hercules

Sarah Outen's transport with wheels, Hercules

and Nelson, her trusty little kayak.

The kayak: Nelson

Sarah Outen's trusty kayak, Nelson

Lest you have come in to this story late in the day, Sarah has already completed the first half  of her trip. She left Tower Bridge on 1st April, 2011, kayaking down the River Thames and across the English Channel to France where she transferred onto her trusty steed, Hercules. She covered over 10,000 miles from France, right across Europe, China via the Gobi Desert and Russia. Back into Nelson at this stage, Sarah kayaked from Russia’s Far East to the remote island of Sakhalin where she once again transferred onto Hercules to cycle the length of the island and finally back into the kayak for the crossing to Japan.

A Herculean effort!

Following the North Pacific Ocean row to Vancouver in Gulliver which will begin any minute now, Sarah will once again mount Hercules to cycle across from Vancouver to Nova Scotia, through the harsh North American winter. The final task will be rowing across the Atlantic in Gulliver from Canada to the UK and back to Tower Bridge – hence the London2London via the World tag. She will be covering some 7,500 nautical miles in Gulliver.

As you know if you have read my earlier articles, she has been, and is, raising money for charity.

Her April departure from Japan has had to be delayed. Storms were moving in and it would have been foolish to set off until they’ve passed, but in Sarah’s words you will understand it better:

British Adventurer Sarah Outen

“Postponing the departure was a tough thing to do but the only thing to do. As the video above shows, it turned out to be a wonderful day because we called off the launch and allowed Gulliver and I to share our adventure with the lovely people who had come to wish us well.

As with any setback, it is all about reframing and finding the positives. Sunday was a huge barrel of smiles and the happiest of days, if not a little draining emotionally. Thanks to the wonderful Choshi Marina staff, we tied Gulliver down in readiness for the gales and I headed off with friends for some rest and a little bit of gin.

The weather is currently looking good for Friday/Saturday with the first westerly winds that weather router Lee has seen in weeks. These are exciting times.”

You can always get an update on Sarah’s news on her own site: Sarah Outen: London2London via the World.

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