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Why not take part in The Fusion Rally: London to Morocco

Looking for something different to do this summer? Don’t we always try to do our best to bring the latest craziest bestest things to your attention? But… if you haven’t got a sense of adventure then this one is not for you….

Morocco – and the Fusion Rally.

What on earth is that you might ask?

The Fusion Rally is a fusion of cars, cultures and causes, partnered with Walou,  which invites you to take part in an epic adventure which will take you through 4 countries, 6 cities … in just 5 days.

The Fusion Rally: London to Morocco via France and Spain

From London to Casablanca…Via Bordeaux, Granada and Tangiers… a crazy road trip of a lifetime! Leaving London at the end of May 2012, a rally of bangers will be travelling all the way to Africa! The Grand Finale will be in Casablanca, where you are expected to arrive with style (!) at the biggest independent music festival in North Africa, ‘The Boulevard‘. International artists such as Immortal Technique, Black Twang, Moonspell, Ty and De La Soul are amongst many great acts that have performed here. The festival attracts more than 100,000 people.

Some of the best UK hip hop performers will be there too

The Fusion Rally route through Europe into Morocco

The Fusion Rally: London to Morocco

The race will kick-off at 8 a.m. from central London on the 27th May and head towards Folkestone and the EuroTunnel. By midday you should be in France and humming down the road to Bordeaux. By the evening of Day 2 you will be in Granada where experience in the past has shown that if the ‘tour’ does not stop for a day, it loses it’s passengers! So you have a day and another night to enjoy to the full the sights and sounds of that beautiful town. The organisers have even arranged a tour around the fabulous Al-Hambra Palace in the evening – which is quite something… if you just pitch up in Granada the chances are you won’t get in to see the Al-Hambra as it’ll be fully booked. I speak from experience … it happened to us!

The Al-Hambra: as seen from the outside!

From Granada it’s just a short hop and a skip down to Tarifa via Malaga, where you catch the ferry across to Tangier, Morocco where you will get a chance to see how the money you’ve helped raise – is spent. This is one of the most important elements of the Fusion Rally, as you actually get to see first hand the benefits of all your fundraising efforts. The final day will be a picturesque drive along the coastline of Morocco into the legendary city of Casablanca. The Fusion Rally 2012 is proud to be sponsored by the Boulevard Festival of Morocco; this means that you will be entering Casablanca in the midst of an amazing carnival of music and culture! This is a very fitting finale to the Rally as you will parade through the streets (in your cars) and enter a huge live concert, in celebration with fans from all over the world.

You can either drive along convoy style to your final destination or veer off the recommended route to see other cities or sights before making your way to the days’ destination… it’s your choice.

Now of course, as I’ve already hinted, this is not all just in order for you to have a wild and wacky adventure. It is also in aid of orphaned Moroccan street children. Each team of 4 people needs to raise £2000 for charity (£1000 for a team of 2). Your entry fee is only £150 and this covers your accommodation and Euro Tunnel, as well as VIP entrance to the launch event in London and the night concert in Casablanca. Other costs you will need to consider include your petrol, food and spending money.

Spaces are limited for this fun event – so find out more and register at The Fusion Rally.

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