Who would have thought a skateboard could be made to do all this?

A skateboard is only, after all, a not very large deck with 4 small wheels – but my god, can it perform!

Crashes, bruises and broken bones must have gone into the perfecting of these tricks… They are certainly impressive.

I came across an article dated July 5th, 1976, where Frank Nasworthy, in support of the new nationwide skateboard craze, said, “The whole world’s being turned into cement. So why not use it?” Remember, this was the man who, in 1973, discovered that wheels made of polyurethane, a petroleum-based plastic, gave far greater traction and manoeuverability to skateboards than steel or clay wheels.

Nasworthy, a surfer at heart, subsequently turned his invention of “the wheel” into a handsome fortune, which he could hardly have foreseen six years before when he dropped out of engineering studies at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. These new wheels were scorned at first for being too slow – but it didn’t take long for people to discover that they improved performance in every other way.

Way back in 1976 Nasworthy figured that skateboarding was here to stay. “Man was meant to swim in the water, surf in waves, ski in snow and skateboard in the streets. And if you don’t want them on the street, then build a place where they can go.”

How right he was, and how justafiably pleased with himself he must be!


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