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Where is Sarah Outen?

What a girl. Despite extraordinary odds she has arrived safely on Sakhalin, a remote island off the east coast of Russia.

Hercules, her trusty steed (aka: bike) finally said ‘enough is enough’ and allowed its bearings to disintegrate, but it too has arrived safely on Sakhalin and is being repaired. The idea is to cycle where possible down the length of the island and kayak the other bits. “On paper it looks like a quick nip, hopscotching by kayak from mainland Russia to Sakhalin and then down to Hokkaido and onto Honshyu, cycling the green bits along the way.”

Russian territory, Sakhalin Island

“In reality, this leg is the most complex of the entire expedition. Logistically it has been a nightmare and, therefore, very expensive. It is remote, has little or no infrastructure in places, tracks rather than decent roads and some pretty extreme weather. Physically it will be grueling; essentially a four (or maybe six) week biathlon with little time for transitioning. Long hours paddling, negotiating strong currents and tides for which we have little information; one of our Sakhalin charts, a 1940′s  number, says “Not to be used for navigation” she blogged on 13th September.

She is about halfway round the world now  – you can check out her journey so far on her Journey Tracker – and you can see what’s left…

“I am absolutely zonked” she said. “Having cycled thousands of miles across Eurasia I am fit but my body isn’t used to paddling. My shoulders feel like cement, my hands are blistered and my back squeals regularly. The transition from Hercules to Nelson has been gruelling for both mind and body, and I am only three days in.”

However, Japan is firmly in her sights, and this is what she’s heading towards…

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