Weird weather for the ultra-endurance marathon in the Gobi Desert

Day 1 closed successfully for most contestants and an early night was scheduled before the 40.0 km / 24.9 miles attack on the hills.

But, who would have thought it? The fog was so heavy at start of day of Stage 2 that visibility was down to 10 metres. The start was delayed for 2 hours and then had to be delayed again. Eventually the competitors set off at 12 noon on a dramatically altered and shortened course.

Less than 1 km from Camp on the alternative route, 30-yr old Eva Rona, American but living in Hong Kong, fell and cut her knees. The doctors were there to patch it up and Eva  was heard to say: “I swear to God I came here for a medal and I am going to get it”!

That’s the spirit you find in a competition of this kind. But as the new route drew to a close it was the Australians holding pole position on all fronts. Damon Goerke, Australia, still holds the lead, but close behind him was Australian Andrew Pearce. Jimmi Olsen of Denmark came in third. The fastest woman is Jennifer Madz of Australia followed by Australian Sandy Suckling. Natalia Sierant from Poland but living in Hong Kong came in third.

China holds it for the teams when their team, Team Esquel, were first to cross the finish line.

“Today was much easier and more simple than yesterday!” smiled experienced ultrarunner Jesse Yoo of South Korea. The Gobi March 2011 is his fourteenth RacingThePlanet event.

The fog has cleared and the rest of the field is yet to arrive at rainy and windy Daheyan Canyon (Camp 3).

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