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Waveboarding’s latest adaptation

We have noticed that there is an increasing number of those extreme sports enthusiasts who are asking more and more about waveboards and street surfing.

The waveboard was originally invented by a Korean man. This man named it the snakeboard or the S-board. Then an American company asked the Korean man for his idea and the company switched the name from snakeboard to waveboard or the ripstick.

Now there has been a further adaptation which is gaining in popularity in Canada; it combines skating, surfing and snowboarding.

What adapts the board to ice is the blizice system which consists of two small stainless steel blades. The blades can be easily converted for asphalt by inserting wheels, making it a board for all seasons.

Mike Cooke, of the Dog Bowl Board in Brooklin, Ont., said “the sport has become extremely popular, I can’t believe the response we’ve had. A couple of people asked for it and then once I got it in the store it took off. In the last couple months we’ve sold well over 30 boards.”

The first video is from thewavevideos and shows the Street Team stutting their stuff in traditional wave board style..

The second is from ehoob10717 – very instructional for this extreme sport which is getting more and more popular.

The final video from mpanagis shows what happens and what can be done when you adapt your waveboard with the blizice system. Despite Mr Cooke’s optimism (see above) we are not convinced that this adaptation will have a universal appeal due to the limiting necessity and therefore space, of ice.

Still it might be a good idea to have a pair of blizice in your pocket – you never know when it might freeze over.

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