re-sized wacky flying machines

Wacky extreme men in their flying machines – Portland Oregon

Photo by: Courtesy of Francois Portmann/Red Bull Photofiles
Photo by: Courtesy of Francois Portmann/Red Bull Photofiles
Photo by: Courtesy of The Public Works (Arzt)/Red Bull Photofiles

Extraordinary crowds recently turned out to witness those amazing men in their flying machines – I quickly add here that they were not all men but it somehow sounds better – reference the movie. And some extreme scenes followed – no great advance or even small step for mankind – in terms of flight development , but the day was much enjoyed by a large crowd who certainly had plenty of fun. Don’t miss the next Flugtag in Chicago.

Human-powered flying vessels were launched off a 30-foot ramp, took flight for a moment and then went hurtling into the Columbia River at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, as a crowd of more than 80,000 spectators cheered during the second event of the Red Bull Flugtag national tour Aug. 2.

Since the first Red Bull Flugtag (a German word meaning “flying day”) was held in Austria in 1991, more than 40 other Flugtags have been held worldwide. This year’s first U.S. event was held July 19 in Tampa, and the third and final 2008 U.S. Flugtag is set for Sept. 6 in Chicago.

In Portland, Beaverton, Oregon’s Team Yakima took first place with a giant 15-foot craft in the shape of a Big Wheel tricycle, topped by a hang glider-style canopy. The crew “flew” 63 feet, winning a trip to Salzburg, Austria and a tour of Hungary.

Second place went to the Portland Greased Lightning crew, who performed the 1970s show tune of the same name from “Grease” and “flew” 55 feet.

Other notable competitors included a 1970s-style basketball team, a pink Viking ship, a Chinese food takeout box, a bowl of potato chips, a pot of gold and a giant wiener.

I’ve added below a YouTube video of the event which suggests there was plenty of beer swilled too – sounds as though it was a good day out! Thanks NWOnly for the video.

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