Unicycling going extreme

It is a while since we’ve done an article on unicycles, but this video which has just been sent to me takes the biscuit!

It looks a tad ungainly but my goodness it takes skill! Hard enough to perfect on two wheels, but on one? Not bad! Although the urge to suppress a sympathy “ouch” from time to time is difficult. The suspension MUST be good!

Twice before we have brought you great videos on unicycling, and incase you’ve forgotten you can follow the link for the video on Kris Holms and unicycling on Everest.

Kris Holms says that “there’s something inherently cool about riding on one wheel. It could be the simplicity of equipment, or the challenge, or the fact that you can ride for years and always find something new. Unicycles turn the world into a playground that’s waiting to be ridden, and it’s becoming one of the fastest growing types of cycling.”

Unicycling, as you can see from the 3 videos here, is not restricted to street cruising, but can be used cross-country, freeride/downhill, slopestyle, all mountain (MUni to some), trials, flatland, freestyle and long distance. This is a very versatile single-track vehicle. The size of the wheel is paramount to the speed of your unicycle. The world’s first multi-stage unicycle relay race, Ride the Lobster, took place in Nova Scotia in June 2008. Some 35 teams from 14 countries competed over a total distance of 800 kms! It was run over 5 consecutive days.


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