Town mountain bike racing in Mexico

When you think about downhill mountain bike racing you probably have in mind wooded paths leading down a narrow and twisting track with a variety of jumps, ramps, bridges and ladders in forested landscape. Well in Mexico that is not always the case. We found this video from Diagonal View which tells a very different story.

You see in the colonial town of Taxco, about 170 kms south west of Mexico City, they practice their mountain biking a little differently. Or at least they used to – for in research we learnt that rather than build a track in the forest the residents of Taxco race their mountain bikes through the narrow and twisting cobbled alleys of this ancient city.

Taxco is better known as a centre of silver trading, from jewellery to objets d’art and has relied on tourists coming to the town to buy silver and so the locals make a living. Perfectly conventional but their mountain biking is not. The video is dated 2005 so it is ancient and we have not been able to find out whether this crazy and extreme race continues today. If any of our readers can shed some light on the situation we would be very pleased to hear from you.

In 2005 individuals from all over the world entered the race.  The competitors are challenged to weave down hill on a 1.1 mile ride taking them through rough terrain, civilian homes and tight alleys. These guys sure show you that blind spots, high jumps, and civlian homes are not an issue for their love to this sport.

Check out the video from diagonaluk

Well it is different you have to admit – requiring extreme skill from the rider – and even if the racers no longer come under the starters orders you will find plenty of silver to take home.


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