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This will be one to watch – eco-friendly extreme sports shop:

I’ve just picked this up off the news and think it will be a company worth watching. You might well have read it already, in which case I apologise, but if not you might be interested in investigating them further…

Kite business launches shop for extreme ground sports

By Abi Nicholas (Contact)
The Post and Courier
Monday, May 19, 2008

Air Company, a full-service kite shop serving the local kiteboarding and sport kiting scene, has spread its wings, launching a new shop called Earth devoted to extreme ground sports.

The basic thinking behind the expansion: “When there is no air to catch, you can always ride the Earth,” said Adam Von Ins, the founder of both companies, in a statement.

From skateboards to longboards, ground boards, mountain boards, Freebords and Flexdex, Earth carries anything and everything you can skate, kick or plant.

As with Air, which specializes in kitesurfing, kiteboarding, stunt kiting, buggying, kite flying and kite repair, Earth is an eco-friendly venture.

“Our goal is to promote low environmental impact, green extreme sports,” Von Ins said.

At the same time, Air and Earth promote health and well-being, allowing participants to exercise by interacting with natural elements instead of exhausting them.

To accommodate the expansion, Air and Earth will begin operating Wednesday under one two-story roof in The Shoppes at Seaside Farms in Mount Pleasant, Charleston.”

Way to go Air Company – we all have to do our bit. And how very satisfying if ‘our bit’ helps in the long run.

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