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They’re skiing in New Zealand

They do things with a certain amount of style in New Zealand… I think many of us would like to be there for the day the ski resort at Coronet Peak, near Queenstown, opens. Why? because as you stand in the queue waiting for the lift, you get to sip champagne. Nice! The day can only get better…

However, with the ski season beginning it means that the Peak to Peak Challenge is just around the corner – Saturday, 21st July beginning at 12 noon to be exact and you can sign up right ’til the last moment, 19th July. It will cost more if you sign up on the day.

The chaotic free for all mad dash to your skis

Peak to Peak challenge in New Zealand

Forgotten all about this race? If that’s the case, (and shame on you if it is!!!) here’s a reminder:

The Peak to Peak was born on July 16th 1994 when the powers that be wanted to draw attention to the fantastic snow and sports opportunities in a New Zealand winter. Back in those days the multisport concept was still quite new to the area. That first year the event, then known as the “Mount Cook Line Southern Lakes Helicopters PEAK TO PEAK Endurance Race” was part of the Queenstown Winter Festival. 15 teams and 7 hardy individuals took part and the individual winner was Ian Edmond, from Christchurch.

In the last few years, the Peak to Peak has morphed into a stand alone event (which is an indication of its popularity) and now an average of 50 to 70 individuals and 80 to 90 teams take part. Media coverage and spectators has equally grown exponentially. The original course has remained largely the same – although the ski start varies a little depending on snow conditions at the Remarkables and the run has become a bit longer as the race outgrew Arthurs Point corner. But intrinsically it is the samel.

It is open to all and has been won by the who’s who of multisport, but also some that are not so well known.

The Details

As always, 5 stages are on offer, and they include skiing/snow boarding, mountain biking, kayaking, running and cycling on a 44 km course which unites all levels from elite to rookie multisporters.

The Course

Stage 1: Ski/Board 2km High on the Remarkables Ski Area.
A mass start – run down to skis. Actual start determined by snow cover
Stage 2: Mtn Bike 17km Down Remarkables road to Frankton Beach
Stage 3: Paddle 7km Frankton Beach to Queenstown Bay
Stage 4: Run 9km From Queenstown Beach, through town and out to Coronet Alpine Hotel
Stage 5: Bike 9km From Coronet Alpine Hotel to the finish at the Coronet Peak Ski Area base

7km kayak stage of the Peak to Peak endurance race

Kayaking in the Peak to Peak race
Divisions for: Individuals: Men / Women – Open, Junior or Vet
Teams: Open / Female / Mixed / Business House / Vet / School
Trophies : 1st Individual Male, 1st Individual Female, 1st Vet Male, 1st Open Team, and 1st Vet Team.

Entry fee Individual: $60.00 ($70 entry on the day) Team: $120.00 ($140 entry on the day)

To sign up just follow the link to the 2010 Entry Form . I haven’t made a mistake there – the 2010 form will take you onto the 2012 one!


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