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They’re bungy jumping off Vic Falls bridge again

Just a quick one to let you know that Regal Tours and Safaris contacted me to let me know that the bungy jump is up and running again having had a total overhaul after their first and only accident on 31st December 2011. Non-fatal fortunately.

Bungy jumping from Victoria Falls bridge – 111m

bungee jump off victoria falls, zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Safari and Travel Company have this to say about the revamp that took place:

Despite the experience of the crew and parameters and procedures, which have successfully guided the operation for 17 years and over 150,000 jumpers, we were unable to prevent this accident. We take this exceptionally seriously and our objective now is to learn from this incident and review every component part of our operation to determine where we can further minimize the risk of bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge.

To this effect the following preliminary measures have been implemented:

  • We have removed all bungee cords from the system, which were made with the same batch of rubber as that used to make the failed cord. These have been retained for further testing.
  • An entirely new set of bungee cords have been installed on the system. These have been extensively load tested and inspected thoroughly and we are satisfied that they are safe to jump on.
  • The entire bungee system has been thoroughly inspected and checked and we are fully confident that everything is safe to jump on.
  • In addition to our normal checks and procedures we have instigated additional daily and intermittent checks on the bungee cords and we are fully satisfied that these checks and procedures are more than sufficient to ensure our clients safety.
  • Our own crew are conducting test jumps before the commencement of daily operations and throughout the day.
  • Experts in South Africa have been contacted and we expect them to be on site next week to help us with our ongoing investigations as to the cause of the incident.
  • The broken cord has been carefully stored and will shortly be sent to South Africa for forensic testing.
  • A qualified river guide with first aid certification and necessary safety and recovery equipment will be positioned in the gorge below the bridge.

In light of the above Victoria Falls Bungee are entirely satisfied that everything humanly possible has been done to ensure the safety of our clients and bungee jumping operations have now recommenced without further incident.

They commended Erin Langworth for her bravery and stalwartness, saying: As a matter of record we wish to highlight her bravery and survival skills, which contributed significantly to her own rescue and her continued positive disposition and strength of character has been an inspiration to us all. It goes without saying that we deeply regret the incident, which has come as a huge shock to us.”

The Vic Falls bungee jump is an 111 metre drop. You can also do a bridge swing and zipline. If you want a reminder as to why you should go to Vic Falls to bungy jump, just watch the following video:

The perfect place to bungee jump – Vic Falls

Please remember that if you are lining up on the bridge wanting to jump you must be:

  • Minimum age 14 years
  • Minimum weight of 40 kg, maximum weight of 140 kg
  • Passports are required by clients to access the bridge
  • Jumps operate from 09h00 to 17h00 every day.


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