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Awesome bungee into the Nile River in Jinja, Uganda + amazing whitewater for kayaking and rafting

Adrift is the company that you need to be in touch with if you want to bungy jump at the source of the Nile, but not only bungy jump… you can white water raft, kayak or race up the rapids in a custom-made 12-seater jet boat imported from New Zealand. The opportunities are boundless.

But first things first: the bungy jump. Called the Nile High Bungee, it is a purpose-built bungee jump constructed and operated to the highest New Zealand standard in the most spectacular setting.  At just 44m, the Nile High Bungee is not that high as bungy jumps go, but the testimonies speak for themselves: It was one of the most exciting experiences in my life…. it is extreme  – said Mika Häkkinen, Former Formula One World Champion, one of the many well-known people who have been there and done that! “It’s a pretty awesome bungee – a sweet experience,” says L. Adams.

Adrift offers tandem jumps, water touches and full-moon jumps and they are very flexible: jumps can be done at almost any time, including at night. There is a minimum age of 13.

But whilst you’re there you really aught to try the white water rafting.

Bungee jumping & white water rafting in Uganda

The rafting trips start near the historical spot where, on the 28th July, 1862,  the Victorian John Hanning Speke stood and said: “Here I stood on the brink of the Nile … and nothing could surpass it”.  In the 10-years since Adrift made the first-ever descent of the Victoria Nile (134 years to the day after Speke made his famous reconnaissance), the river has become a Mecca for whitewater enthusiasts from around the world. From the apprehensive who have never been on a river before to the seasoned adventurer, the Victorian source of the Nile in Uganda offers something for everyone.

It is the classic pool-drop river with deep, calm pools interspersed between powerful and exciting rapids and multitudes of different channels. You have 3 choices:

  1. One day whitewater rafting – 31 kms
  2. 2-day whitewater rafting/ river surfing – 48kms
  3. 3-day whitewater rafting/ river surfing – 48kms

But for the serious adrenaline junkies you can join the Adrift team in the smallest rafts (only 13’ long) on the Nile for the wildest ride of your life on the Grade 5+, 31kms , 6/7 hours rafting and river surfing. You can expect to be washed from the raft by the mighty Nile whitewater and spend some time beneath a capsized raft, finishing off your day with a breathtaking plunge into the deepest part of ‘The Bad Place’ of which Prince William said “That was incredible! Can we do it again?”

The Bad Place – a 5+ water rapid

And, unusually, kids are taken into account by this company. A 3 kms ride on Grade 2 rapids giving 1.5 hours rafting is offered for those who like to start their kids off from the age of two in the adventure sports arena. Bouncing down small rapids should set them well on their way to becoming adrenaline junkies just like their parents!

How about Big Hole Flushes:

Whoa… scary!

This is bound to be a wonderful holiday. I suggest you contact Adrift directly to plan it…

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