The Search for the Ultimate Athlete is on…

From the fusion of mainstream sports, Olympics and extreme sports the Ultimate Athlete will be found.

Athletes have always been strong, fast, and coordinated, but they are mostly specialized.  In today’s sports’ world that is not enough. The best of the best must also be versatile, daring, and able to adapt to all environments and arenas.  The Ultimate Athlete, the one who will win this event, must also excel at riding, swimming, skiing, surfing, climbing, skating, and much more.

I know we’ve previewed that video before, but it’s time to remind you that the search continues, and time is beginning to run out.

The SFUA U.S. championships start in June 2010. It will be a 6 day event featuring 20 sports and disciplines and will have the best all-around athletes, both male & female, going head to head in the same arena. No age category, no division, no invitation… and only one winner.

And ultimately only 24 athletes will compete in the 20 disciplines to discover who is the ultimate one. As one interested observer says “I just hope they include synchronized swimming. I’m not kidding. When I interned at the US Olympic Committee in college, a man in my office used to say he could be good at any sport – give him time and he could be really good. So one day someone invited him to try synchro. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen..” !!!

However, I’m not sure that sychronised swimming will be on the agenda… as, as far as I know, it has not yet been decided what the 20 sports are going to be, but if you think of the diversity of Oregan and cast your mind even further to the Gorge Games where kiteboarding, windsurfing, open water swimming, kayaking, and climbing were all on the agenda – well, the choice is wide. Add to that the perfect location for the already established and popular  sports of trail running and biking plus, it is being presumed, that the event will also bring in a large number of “traditional” sports such as road racing – on both foot and bike, and such everyday sports as golf, basketball and/or tennis.

The organisers plan to take advantage of Portland’s natural wonders – the Gorge and the Coast to showcase their event.

You are going to have to be an all-rounder to qualify in the last 24…

The prize money? A not to be sniffed at  $100,000.

Of slight concern is that there still does not seem to be a registration form so I do hope this event gets off the ground, but if you are interested, as an athlete, in getting more information you could always try contacting athlete@searchfortheultimateathlete.com


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