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The Red Bull Motocross World Championships

We don’t often write about Motocross, but from time to time we let something slip in and this time it’s the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour and the Championships, the world’s most prestigious FMX tour, which was all rolled into one great event on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia.

This island is the largest in Sydney Harbour and is a former imperial prison, industrial school, reformatory and gaol – quite a backdrop for a handful of daredevils, Red Bull and 11,000 spectators!

Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, site of the Red Bull X-Fighters Championships

Red Bull X-Fighters Championships on Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour

“The riders were phenominal, Levi rocked it and Josh  landing the double 3 times was just sick, even if he has blue balls from the first attempt,” was one comment.

“im a big motocross and fmx fan, but sadly , its same shitt , in different day, nothing new to watch, same tricks all the time,” said another. That might be the case, but in my humble opinion it’s pretty incredible what they do, it’s certainly dangerous and it takes an extremely skilled rider to not only attempt the tricks, but to carry them off safely.

Just 40 points separated the current points leader Nate Adams (USA) and his great rival Dany Torres (ESP) going into the final showdown at this event, but it was Torres who carried the day and was crowned the overall champion of the 2011 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. However, it was local boy Josh Sheehan who won the actual  event on the day which was an extra special coup for him as he was on home turf, not the Island itself I hasten to add, but Australia. A great place for him to win infront of a deafening home crowd.

Enjoy the video.

“Today’s win for me here in Sydney was overwhelming!  My family were here to see it, and I’m glad to be part of three ‘firsts’.  It is the first time I have won X-Fighters.  The first time X-Fighters have come to Australia in 11 years and the first time I have done a Double Backflip in a freestyle competition” Sheehan said.

Sheehan almost crashed out earlier in his semi-final, but he quickly turned his mistake into a career defining moment when he executed a perfect Double Backflip in his Semi-Final round against eventual 2011 Tour winner, Dany Torres to set himself up in the Finals.

“I knew I had to pull the Double Backflip earlier than I wanted to, because I had to go head-to-head with Dany Torres in the semi-finals.  I felt confident with it, and knew I just had to land it to be a chance to go through to the final” Sheehan said.

And in his final round against New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood he displayed one of the most technically difficult freestyle runs in Freestyle MX history, when he performed not only the Double Backflip, but also a 360 Heelclicker and one of the biggest Ruler backflips in his two-minute run.

Josh Sheehan's double back flip at the Red Bull X-Fighters Championships

Josh Sheehan's double back flip

Congratulations to Australia’s newest Freestyle Motocross superstar champion.

photos courtesy of Balazs Gardi, Joerg Mitter and Mark Watson for Red Bull X-Fighters

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