re-sized Red Bull Dirt Pipe Aus 2011

The mighty Red Bull and an Australian BMX dirt half-pipe

What would extreme sports do without companies like Red Bull? Their might, power, imagination and clout pull off all sorts of stunts around the world, to the advantage of a variety of supreme sportsmen.

Here in Australia they built this amazing BMX half-pipe …

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The first dirt half-pipe was built in 2008, but in 2010, Red Bull and the half-pipe’s designers, fused together the dynamic worlds of snowboard super pipe and the dirt jumping mayhem that only BMX can bring to the table.

Carved from the fertile red soil of the Victorian alpine meadows, the dirt pipe runs 120 metres and stands an intimidating 4 metres high. Its combination of wall rides, hips and street inspired extensions are designed to push the riders to the limits of their riding skills and imagination.

Whatever happened, whoever won, it was guaranteed to be an epic competition.

For the second year running, Red Bull upped the anti by inviting a selection of Aussie and International riders who thought they had what it takes to go up against the pro’s. The Aussies competed against each other in pre-qualifiers for a spot in the final competition.

The event was plagued by the same weather system as the Queensland Cyclone and it looked, for a while, that it might be cancelled, but, despite 3 days of  heavy rain, the sun finally appeared on Sunday allowing the pipe to dry out and the course builders to get in there and essentially start re-shaping the pipe all over again. With a massive combined effort they succeeded so successfully that the show was on the road by Monday afternoon and wrapped up by Tuesday evening.

The international riders and Australia’s wildcards put on an awesome show despite many mutters of “scary”, “massive” and “holy shit, that thing is huge”!

Red Bull's Dirt Pipe in Queensland, Australia, February 2011

Pictures: (c)Mark Watson/Red Bull Content Pool

With an international cast of BMX’s elite that included the UK’s Kye Forte, Anthony Napolitan and Mike ‘Hucker’ Clarke from the US and of course Australia’s own Corey Bohan, the pipe witnessed some of the most fluid and off-the-hook riding BMX has ever seen.

Australia’s honour was upheld by young Wangaratta rider Chris Henderson whose fluid style, adaptability and all-or-nothing attitude brought him close to the podium places with a solid fourth place.

First and second place went to New Zealand – Jed Mildon and Paul Langlands. Mildon’s first run was so epic that he was always going to be a hard man to beat. Mike ‘Hucker’ Clarke from California took third place.

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