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The Return of The Adventurists Film Festival – Submissions Open

The Adventurists Film Festival
 It’s back. Submissions are open now for The Adventurists Film Festival 2013. Anyone can enter, as long as your film is about adventure, has a dash of chaos and a touch of the ridiculous.We’re after adventure films with horns; proper old school stuff with the emphasis firmly on finding trouble, not avoiding it. Submission deadline is Friday 17th May, it’s free to enter your film and there’s three categories: Adventurists, seat-of-your-pants, and the short one.Read More
The World Cycle Race

Announcing the 2014 World Cycle Race

18,000 miles on two wheels, launching March 22nd 2014 from London, Singapore and Auckland. Want a bigger race? Find a bigger planet.

The Ice Run 2013 in pictures

The Ice Run 2013
In Pictures

A selection of the best photos taken by teams on the 2013 Ice Run that made us chuckle or wince in pain, from icy wipeouts to frozen bikes

The Transcontinental

Transcontinental Race
checkpoints & riders

There will only be two checkpoints on the first edition of the race from London to Turkey & they’re both at the top of very big hills

World Cycle RaceRead moreRead more

Last Call for the 2013 Mongol Rally – Southern Route

Last Call for The Mongol Rally Southern Route
 If you were flirting with the idea of taking on the 2013 Mongol Rally and wanted to do a southerly route through lots of countries that end in ‘stan’, stop flirting and start fondling.The deadline for sign up is 30th March to make sure you’re allowed into Turkmenistan. In this blog we take a look at why teams go the long way to Mongolia…Read More

The Rickshaw Run in photos

It's dangerous even thinking about the Rickshaw Run

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