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The Jungle Marathon

Ice, snow, desert, sand, mountain and hillside – just some of the terrain that has been crossed by our intrepid marathon runners. Now its the turn of the jungle. You will no doubt have a visual of Tarzan running through everglades of smooth and swept paths – well think again. Some of the videos we reviewed – concerning foot repair – were too gruesome – this is indeed another extreme marathon.

There is a 200kms version, run in 6 stages, and a 100 kms version, run in 4 stages. The longest stage being approximately 90 kms. The race is held in the National Forest of Tapajos, in the Amazon jungle, in the state of Para in Brazil.

Nights are spent sleeping in hammocks with just a mosquito net and a rainfly sheet and runners encounter rain, mud, swamps, creeks, wild animals, intense humidity and blisters. Runners must be self sufficient with their food rations.

The cost of entry is £1,600 and the 2009 race will be held between October 8th and 17th. For further information go to the official website at . Inevitably the 2008 winner came from Brazil in a winning time of 28 hours 10 minutes. The winning girl was also Brazilian in a time of 37 hours 34 minutes, but entries come from around the globe. There is also a team event.

Action in the videos below – from JungleMarathon – comes from stages 3 and 4 of the 2007 race – extreme or what, oh and did we tell you about the swimming element and running a marathon in flip flops?!

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