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The indomitable Sarah Outen

These past few days would have been reason enough for most people to hole up and sleep until the wind had blown itself out, but not Sarah and Gao…

The trip through China has been an eye-opening experience and not only because of Hercules’ and Strangers’ progress. The food has been sustaining, delicious, balanced and varied… a great improvement on the processed and packaged food it has been necessary to carry and consume along the way.

China’s culinary delights might occasionally be challenging but seldom disappointing. “Yum and yum and yum. I am making the most of it while it lasts, knowing that far Eastern Russia will be sparse at the best of times and the oceans ahead will be completely void of fresh stuff after a fortnight or so.”

Hats off to Gao as well. For someone who didn’t even own a bike not that long ago, he is coping remarkably well; as Sarah says: “Gao still here and going strong, though he’s often to be found with his head on his arm after eating at cafes et al, fast asleep and tired from the road. I’ve come to realise there isn’t much that selotape and Gao’s determination can’t deal with.” And being Chinese certainly has its uses as they cycle across the country.

Yesterday these two indomitable pedallers were 36km North of Lanzhou. It’s onward ho to Russia, a quick row in her trusty kayak, Nelson, across to Japan and then the mighty Pacific awaits Sarah and Gulliver, her one-man rowing boat.

Sarah Outen's route map for the London2London via the world challenge

London2London via the World

You can read more about the Chinese crossing and delicious albeit occasionally challenging food on Sarah’s own blog

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