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The Hardrock 100-mile ultramarathon – as extreme as they come

I have a feeling that competing in this one will be like being between a rock and a hard place!

Photo taken during 2006 race. Grant Swamp Pass, 12,900 ft (3,900 m)

Just check out these statistics if you think I’m being a little dramatic:

July 12-14, 1996914246%
July 11-13, 1997993939%
July 10-12, 1998823846%
July 9-11, 19991105954%
July 7-9, 20001186051%
July 13-15, 20011206453%
July 11-13, 20031126962%
July 9-11, 20041258064%
July 8-10, 20051257157%
July 14-16, 20061308162%
July 13-15, 20071349772%
July 11-13, 20081419870%
July 10-12, 200914010575%
July 9-11, 2010%

So where and what is The Hardrock 100 Ultramarathon?

The Hardrock One Hundred Mile Endurance Run is a 100.5 mile (161.7 km) ultramarathon. It has a total of 33,000 ft (10,000m) ascent at an average elevation of 11,000 ft (3,400m) – near treeline. The race is held in southern Colorado’s San Juan Range and is dedicated to the miners who originally settle in the area and built the trails that a lot of the course is run on.

The race starts and ends in Silverton, Colorado and travels through the towns of Telluride, Ouray, and the ghost town of Sherman, crossing thirteen major passes in the 12,000′ to 13,000′ range. Entrants must travel above 12,000 feet (3,700 m) of elevation a total of 13 times, with the highest point on the course being the 14,048′ summit of Handies Peak.

The race has been held in early July of each year beginning in 1992, except for 1995 (too much snow) and 2002 (nearby forest fires). Each year’s race is run in the opposite direction of the previous year’s event (2009 was run in the counter-clockwise direction, so 2010 will be clockwise).

The dates for 2010 will be 9th – 11th July, with a limit of about 140 runners. The cut-off time is 48 hrs.

The race record was slashed in 2008 by Kyle Skaggs, 23, with an awesome 23:23:30 final time. Diana Finkel, 38, completed it in 2009 with an overall time of 27:18:24.

The scenery is awesome, the views spectacular, as witnessed in the following WickedGravityVideo.

If you are a newbie to ultra-marathon running, it is important to realise that it is quality of training, rather than quantity, that will determine your performance on the day… but more on this in another article apart from a quick word of advice… It is recommended that you have a one-year base of distance running, with at least two 50K distances and one 50-mile run, before thinking of doing a 100-mile run. Running 100+ miles a week does not increase one’s chances of finishing a 100-mile run. Many ultra runners have completed 100-mile runs with weekly mileage in the 50s or 60s.

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