The Great Wall Marathon – places selling out fast

The Great Wall Marathon 6 or 7-day package is a really neat way to book yourself into a marathon. Not only will you be taking on one of the world’s most challenging marathons but you will also have a bit of a holiday in an ancient and exotic setting. Couldn’t be better could it?

But it’s popular. Very popular and if you’re interested you’ll have to book a place fast. Since the inaugural Great Wall Marathon in 1999, the field has grown steadily to over 2,000 runners in the 2012 edition with participants from over 50 nations.

All marathons are challenging, but this one has just that little bit extra. 5,164 steps for starters pretty well puts it into a league of its own!

A teaser for the Great Wall Marathon

‘The Fat Sergeant’ took part in this marathon in 2010 and his inspection video is really good – shows you exactly what you’ll be letting yourself in for and will certainly have you doing some serious hill training over the next few months if you’re taking part in it!

Inspection video pre-race – a mandatory exercise

Fat Sergeant completed the course in just over 5 hours – it has an 8-hour cut-off time. He had a strategy but it’s always slightly different when you’re actually doing it . “Almost immediately the stairs start to wind up…. and up… and UP! My strategy is to go slow and steady on the extreme inclines and cautiously pick up the speed on the decline.  That turned out to be easier said than done.  The stairs were very steep with great variance in size.  You can only take them so quickly…”  

The other thing that’s worth mentioning is that not all contestants go the whole 26.2 miles (42.195 kms). You can also do the Fun Run which is a mere 7.5 km.

The marathon is scheduled for the 18th May and if interested you can follow this link for registration and for more information.

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