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The Gobi March ends with Australian victors

“Damon Goerke and Jennider Madz of Australia win the Gobi March 2011. Celebrations are in place at the finish line at Buddhist Village at the moment. The final across the finish line were mother and son, Penny and Ben Minges at 12:24pm. They received a huge round of applause from all the other competitors.” RacingThePlanet

Congratulations from us to you all…

RacingThePlanet are not events that attract fanatical athletes who have trained themselves to endure extreme events like this, these are events that attract ordinary people whether it be a doctor, a lawyer, accountant, teacher or banker, people who feel the need to challenge themselves to the limit. People from all walks of life and of all ages.

Gobi March 2011, RacingThePlanet

Gobi March 2011

Mary Gadams, founder of RacingThePlanet, had this to say about this year’s Gobi March: “It’s great to see so many Chinese participants at this year’s Gobi March. It’s also fascinating to see such a range of experience, ages and backgrounds amongst them. All but three are new to the 4 Deserts, and it reinforces our belief that RacingThePlanet reaches beyond cultural and social norms and taps a primal need in human beings to sometimes push themselves way beyond their accustomed physical and psychological comfort levels. In the 4 Deserts every competitor faces the same test.”

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