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The Adventurists have a new adventure…

October now has more than Halloween to brighten it up. There’s a new Adventurists’ adventure to anticipate and plan for:

Adventure number 7 – the Rickshaw Run South-East Asia

The Rickshaw Run South-East Asia, will launch in October 2011, pitting 30 international teams against thousands of miles of potential adventure, whether you make it to the finish line or not.

The basic premise is the same as the Rickshaw Run in India: once again you will be in the smallest, least practical vehicle available in Asia – the humble rickshaw, that three-wheeled little workhorse. Shoe-horn a motley crew of Adventurists into it and hurl yourselves across several thousand miles of Indonesian archipelago and South East Asian terrain from dense Sumatran jungle, ridiculous mountain tracks, glorious coastline and the chaos of Bangkok.

The route will take you from Jakarta, Indonesia to Bangkok, Thailand, and as always, you pick your own route from the one to the other, as The Adventurists say: “How you get from Jakarta to Bangkok is entirely up to you. You can search for Orang Utangs in the jungles of Sumatra, stop off for a Singapore Sling in Raffles, pop in to a full moon party on a Thai island, or go via Borneo in a dug-out canoe….it really is 100% up to you.”

And the trusty little rickshaw? Check out the departure of the Indian Rickshaw Run a few weeks ago and you’ll get a very good idea of what you will be driving for the 2 and a half weeks of this adventure!

The South East Asian route begins on 13th/14th October and you have to make it to the finish line in Bangkok by Saturday the 29th if you want to be there for the official survivors finish party.

Don’t forget that The Adventurists adventures always involve raising money for charity – teams that sign up for their adventures are asked to raise £500 for The Adventurists Official Charity, and £500 for a charity of their own choice. Many of the teams in the past have raised significantly more than the stipulated thousand. And you can be sure that every penny you raise goes to charity. “One of our main principles is that we don’t blur the line between giving money to charity and having a bloody good adventure,” The Adventurists confirm. “We don’t touch a single penny of the money that is donated, it goes direct to charity.”

October is the inaugural event. It will be held again in the Spring of 2012.

There is a lot more information you need if you are contemplating a place in this crazy race. I suggest you go directly to The Adventurists ASEAN Rickshaw Run site and then hasten across to the Sign Up page as the Adventurists adventures sell-out like wild fire. You have been warned…

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